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Colour Consultation

Dear Alma,


It is my pleasure to give you my feedback, as I would highly recommend other ladies to approach you for consultancy.


The first time I asked for  your help was last winter; every morning, I was in front of my wardrobe full of grey, black, navy clothes, and I didn’t feel like wearing any of those, although maybe they were fairly new…

When I saw your website, I was attracted by your personality, your class and decided to test you!


You put me immediately at ease and suggested to start by finding out my ideal colours.

In the 3 hours colour consultation I learned what colours suits me best, how I can combine colours and I could see immediately, using your tons of fabrics, how by changing colour I could change the radiance of my face.


It was a fun and useful afternoon… that’s why I asked you to be my personal shopper for a day, to put into practice what I learned from my colour lesson.

You helped me choose what suits me. Often shop assistants are not impartial, their job is to sell and they would say anything looks good on you. Same of friends, who might not want to offend you if you try something you like but doesn’t fit properly…

With you, no mercy! (J) You helped me find outfits for different occasions which I liked, respected my personality and looked good on me.

You showed me how I can combine garments and accessories to give a smart look to otherwise anonymous clothes.


I don’t wear much make up. I like a natural look, but in your make up lesson you taught me how I can use make up to have a natural, healthy look.

It was also interesting to see how I can transform my daily make-up, to a more sophisticated one, if I go out for a cocktail straight after work.


I feel more confident now when I go shopping. I know what to look for. I learned and had fun!

Thank you!


Personal Assistant for a Fashion Designer



 Dear Alma,

I enjoyed my tuition on personal colours, for my clothes and Make-up too. I loved the Make-up lesson and find it so easy now to put my Make-up on quickly and look natural and fresh, I work long hours and often look tired, but the Make-up is long lasting and feels so light.
You are competent and fun to be with.
I was choosing my clothes based on the colours in fashion  instead of focusing on colours that suit me.
When I go shopping I know now how to combine colours.
Thank you Alma

Marina M

Entrepreneur Milan

Style Consultation Workshop

Alma came to me through a very dear friend and I thought it was a godsend for my retail business. I was looking for someone to bring something new, a fashionist with an ethic side and there she was. We organised wonderful afternoons with selected clients where she advised style and how to perfect shopping. Without judging and being completely available she was able to advise and give the right input. I was able to offer something unique to my clients. People often are scared of fashion stylist, not always they feel confident; it was very important the approach she used. Give Alma a try because she is different: she is a fashionista with a kind disposition and a wonderful spirit; in this business she can make a difference !

Stefania Z. Owner of  Monili e... Lainate . Milan

Full Image Makeover

I’ve gained a few pounds and needed to spruce up my work and personal wardrobe without going broke buying all new clothes.  I’ve always struggled with accessorising and needed help choosing the right things to help round out my wardrobe.  I met with Alma for a colour, make-up and style consultation.  She showed me what colours look best with my skin colouring, colour combinations that would coordinate for work, casual and dress occasions as well as cuts that work best with my body type.  She even helped me find my style personality, providing me with examples of designers and types of clothing I should look for when shopping.  Armed with this new knowledge, I’ve been able to utilize my current wardrobe, investing in a few new choice pieces to bring it all together.  I finally feel “put together” and confident in my clothes.  Alma has shown me that you can look good and feel confident in your clothes as long as you know what works best with your and shape and style personality.

Laura from San Diego

Make-up Lesson

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