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Mini Style & Color Consultation

           To Feel Confident and Look Your Best

Are you wondering what to wear to feel confident and look your best for this special day? Whether it's a wedding, graduation, or milestone celebration, you deserve to look and feel your absolute best, and step into your special day with style and confidence! Ensure you feel fabulous and self-assured when the cameras start flashing!

I will walk you through the steps of your goal to find your best look for your special day and advise which Style & Colors will look great on you uniquely.

During your consultation, with AlmaStyle I will guide you through selecting the perfect outfit, tailored to your individual preferences and shape. Bring along up to three outfits you're considering, or let's explore style and mood boards together to find the ideal look for you.

I will find your correct skin-tone using PANTONE SkinTone Guide TM, and advise on makeup, for studio photography or for natural daylight event photography.

Walk away with apersonalized Style & Color guide, as well as a Makeup cheatsheet, so you can create your flawless look whenever you desire. 

Don't miss this opportunity to shine!

Special Introduction Cost $129

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