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  • You offer different services, which one would you recommend first to start my style journey?
    I recommend starting with a color consultation, because understanding how choosing the  colors that flatter your natural coloring will absolutely change how you edit your closet and be so important in your future purchases as well, once you see the best colours for you, and learn how to combine them effortlessly 
  • I had my colors done years ago, will anything have changed?
    Maybe, we tend to change every five years or so and most definitely every decade, your hair colour may have changed, or your life may be going in another direction so sometimes it is time for a reset, you may have been choosing similar colors and want to refresh and get some new ideas. I can help you do that.
  • What does style personality mean?
    We all have our own unique “style personality’ and discovering yours will answer many questions like, why do I have so many black pants in my closet , or why do I keep buying things I don’t wear. There are many reasons to have a style consultation, It is a simple process that is very empowering and unique to you.
  • Do you do wardrobe clutter cleaning
    Yes, I do wardrobe editing, this is a personal need, some clients need a total refresh, other may just need a quick update on which basics to buy, it is a service based on the individual need of each person. I will be happy to talk to you about it further if you contact me with your needs.
  • Are you a personal shopper as well?
    Yes I am, this service usually follows the wardrobe editing but not always. I personalise this service to cater for your individual needs, it maybe for an event or a vacation so please contact me with questions.
  • Do you do wedding makeup?
     I can do wedding guests not bride or brides mother but I would be happy to refer you to a professional makeup artist who specialises in bridal makeup, to give you some options.
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